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1st Lunes Workshop: know what happened there!

It happened last Saturday (6) in the auditorium of the office of Lunes in Alphaville, our first Workshop. At the time, we were present members of our team, some special guests – such as community members and investors, as well as people interested in knowing more about our company.


Due to the limited space, we had to limit the number of guests. Even for this reason, we prepared this article for you to stay inside the most important thing there. Good reading!


Cryptocurrencies, future and the potential of Lunes 


Léo Gravina, of the Apollo Trade channel and Lunes partner gave a brief explanation on the concept of Cryptocurrencies and blockchain and the context in which Lunes is inserted, highlighting the potential of valuation of Lunes as a company, in addition to our digital asset.



The company Lunes – maturing processes and new directions


Lucas Magno, CEO and founder of Lunes reinforced for those present the view that Lunes is much more than a token, a platform that offers solutions in blockchain technology. That we are a company and that based on this, we make strategic decisions, aiming at sustainable growth and the maturing of the company.

We are changing the way we deliver the roadmap – which is being followed – by focusing on delivering products and services more fully.



Expansion in Africa


We took advantage of the opportunity, with the presence of Aristides, responsible for the direct contact with the African community, to tell about our presence on the continent, illustrating with photos of the events that we have already done there.



Truth Ad


During the event, Lucas presented screens and concepts of Truth, the document signature platform and authenticity record of Lunes, which surprised many people. Signing documents and making authenticity records, in turn, is just one of the features of the platform. As a platform based on blockchain technology, we have on the radar a number of features for Truth such as blockchain identity, productive chain tracking, originality certificate, 2FA, KYC and credit profile.


Statement on exchange – strategic decision


Although planned on the roadmap, the launch of Lunes decentralized exchange needed to be postponed. We are dependent on some legal processes (compliance) for a better decision, so we can not predict a concrete launch date. Even with very advanced internal development, we are using this period to further mature processes within the platform.


The government’s position on exchanges made it necessary for Lunes to review some points and to think rationally whether this was in fact the best time to launch a decentralized platform, taking into account the legal uncertainties regarding the regulations of government agencies. In addition to these issues, it was clear to Lunes that launching such a platform, based in Brazil, would bring a very large cost to the company, which at the present time would represent a very risky step for us as a company. Because of these factors, we are analyzing the possibility of launching the exchange outside Brazil. The combination of these critical points coupled with a perception of market opportunity with the launch of a platform such as Truth has caused us to launch Truth in advance, which has already been in development for a year. We perceived a window of opportunity in the market and decided to take advantage of it, even by the potential of the platform that we have at hand.


Problems in live – learning and maturing


Our goal was to hold a live so that people who were not present accompany the event. However, there were technical problems with image and audio during the transmission, which disappointed us. The constructive criticism we receive will serve as an incentive to improve. And we thank those who gave us feedback. It was just the first of the other events that will still happen. And the goal, as always here on Lunes is to grow and evolve constantly.


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