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5 Reasons to use the Tokenization in your business

Tokenization is becoming more popular in business because it offers a number of advantages. In this article we will show you 5 reasons why companies can use tokenization in their business.

First of all, this is the safest, fastest and easiest way to get paid in your business. Plus, you benefit from fast information and very low transaction fees.

How to increase the sales with tokenization?

Check out the 5 reasons to use tokenization in your business

Loyalty program

A loyalty program is usually extremely complex and expensive to implement, but with utility tokens you can build it quickly and with quality engagement.



You can flexibly create smart rules for your rewards program, like this:

  1. Stake systems to activate benefits;
  2. High level of security to prevent fraud;
  3. Create a token community to leverage its use among users.


For example, you can use tokens to pay cashback to your customers and have a greater retention of the use of resources in your ecosystem, making them earn and spend at your establishment, preventing consumption leakage.



On the other hand, tokens can be used for customers to get special discounts, i.e, where they can use their own token in payments.



As a result, a loyalty program can help you increase sales through brand loyalty, it is important that these rewards are useful and relevant to the target audience.

However, it is very simple to use the tokens to create high-performance and cheap affiliate programs to spread in the market.

­For example, if you own an online store that sells home decor and furniture, one of your rewards could be a discount on items related to your interest.

Where to start?


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