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Barriers broken by cryptocurrencies and blockchain

New technologies enable new business to become a reality. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are giving access to all people, without discrimination and without borders, allowing us to build a new era.

An example of a time that marked the world of technology was the beginning of the internet, where there were few computers and hiring a service to get on the internet was very expensive. Today, we see that the services available for internet access are diverse and very accessible.

Regarding to the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, we can consider that Bitcoin was a very important landmark to show the world that it is possible to have a decentralized and global cryptocurrency.

Like all innovative technologies, at first they generate mistrust. This also happened with automobiles, computers, cell phones, etc. And with the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain could not be different.

Today, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have made it possible to connect economies around the world more easily and without red tape.

In the not-too-distant future, bureaucratic processes will be faster and more transparent. Documents that are now part of our lives, such as birth or marriage certificates, real estate license agreements; will become totally digital. This will directly impact the notaries. Authentications, signature recognition, everything will be transformed.


“Innovation is always ahead of regulation.”

Unknown author


In a decentralized world, business structures will change. Starting with work hours, where people usually work from 8 am to 6 pm, and their bosses believe that this is something productive for the company. But all this is burdensome for people’s lives, the traffic of cities, and all we do is try to route our schedules to fulfill our commitments. But what if we could work by task or by productivity? Wouldn’t we be more productive?

The “cryptomarket” will change the new job market. That’s because a worker can work for an employer in China, Japan, the United States or any country in the world; receiving the values of the service rendering in cryptocurrencies, with total security and without having to pay fees that the current banking systems practice. There must be new contractors and new employers, modifying the concept of the market that exists today.

If we think of autonomous, decentralized organizations, we can have an idea of what the future of work will look like. People will no longer work for companies, but for projects, and they will be able to work on 2 or more projects at the same time. This will give the worker autonomy and the way he handles work, failing to “hit the spot” every day, as it does today. In addition, the worker will have the freedom to work anywhere in the world and not in a fixed office, at a time he wants or feel more productive.

The future of the work is to have global teams in decentralized organizations. The processes will be more and more collaborative, remunerating the people according to each contribution in the project, for example.

When the revolution comes, there is no way you can stay out of it. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are technologies that have come to stay. So the best way you have to deal with this is to learn about it.


“Blockchain is the greatest invention in the history of computing.”

Don Tapscott


The cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are the most important inventions of this century and are the beginning of the invention of this new age! And you, want to be part of this new age?


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