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Buy cryptocurrencies on Lunes: fast, easy and no bureaucracy!

One of the objectives of Lunes wallet is to offer, in the same environment, products and services that can be acquired through the use of cryptocurrencies, giving digital assets practical use in everyday life. And on our platform it is possible to acquire packages of the main currencies of the market.


You choose how to pay: with your credits or with cryptocurrencies. If you have not yet used this option in your wallet, check out the step-by-step below, how easy it is:

Open your Lunes Wallet


– Enter the Menu and go to Buy

– At the top choose the currency you want to buy

– Choose an available package

– Then select the payment method from the drop down menu

– We have two options: Cryptocurrencies and Credits

– Then click on Buy

– In the next step you will select the network rate if you have selected as a form of payment some crypto

– And to finish, enter your password


If you have selected Credits as payment method but do not know how to acquire them see this in our blog:


Create your Lunes account here:


See how easy it is? No bureaucracy, sending documents to exchanges, waiting for approval or negotiating with strangers on the internet. All with the practicality of your Lunes wallet.


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