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Check out our tips for a successful negotiation!

Now that P2P trading has started on our platform, there’s nothing better than staying tuned in simple but fundamental tips to make your trading smooth. Because, after all, nobody wants a headache, right?


Here are some tips to help you having a safer trading on our P2P platform.


  1. Always be very careful with fake profiles. Since most of the negotiations take place in the virtual world, it’s of fundamental importance to check if those on the other side are a well-intentioned people. So always look for references about the person you are dealing with.
  2. Whether in a buying or selling operation, don’t rely blindly on payment receipts sent via email or on screen prints. Especially if the person says he has already sent the combined money or transferred the crypto to his wallet. Always check your bank balance for yourself or go to your wallet to see if the coins have already been received by you.
  3. Be suspicious of sales offers with a much lower price practiced by the market, especially if you receive the contact coming from someone you do not know or who has the newly opened profile on some social network, for example.
  4. If you are selling, preferably just send your cryptocurrencies to the buyer when you confirm on your own that the combined amount is already in your account.
  5. If you are buying, give preference to negotiate with reputable sellers and have been doing business for a long time.


We have brought these tips in order for you to understand that it is possible to negotiate easily, just be aware of the details and not be in a hurry to complete the procedure.

Want to feel even more safe? Be sure that on Lunes you buy and sell coins in P2P, with more security and agility!


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