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Child is baptized with criptocurrency name in Ivory Coast

That Lunes is the biggest Blockchain project in Latin America we have counted here. But look at the nice story that came to us. In addition, the customer base, mostly in Brazil, has been one of the only, if not the only, project that has a base of support for the dissemination and capture of clients, especially in Francophone countries such as Cameroon, Togo and Ivory Coast.

Gathered in small groups, Luna enthusiasts meet together for advertise the whitepaper of the project and offer support to the doubts of clients, whether it’s face-to-face or through WhatsApp. And the work of “little ant” has borne fruit: there are about a thousand open wallets in the countries of the Francophone community. Nice, right?

Some specific factors explain the interest and adoption of the local community for the Lunes. Let’s take Ivory Coast as an example: high bureaucracy is one of the factors that make access to bank accounts more difficult, for example. So much that one of the most used means by the population for transfer of values ​​is the Mobile Money. Soon, cell phone recharge is a widely used service and is a solution that Lunes  offers in your wallet.

Still speaking also about the community in Ivory Coast, his local community has suffered great concern and exemplified in relation to the local community that embraced this Brazilian project.

Clems Assanvo, one of the team members who spread the project around the country, had his first daughter – he already has three boys – on the last day 9. Guess what name was chosen? He even explained to us: “I gave the name Lunes to my daughter because I believe the project can mark her space here, make history. So it’s also a form of homage, “says an excited and happy Assanvo.

The little Lunes Assanvo Mianhou Nedira still does not know what are criptocurrencies nor the origin of his name. But who knows in the future of the young Lunes Assanvo is so natural to use cryptos How much to have a little coffee? We believe this and you?