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CoinCheckup listing increases Lunes visibility

The news does not stop there: after implementing KYC in the wallet and the listing in the Coinmarketcap, we gain another important visibility for our project. On Lunes, from now on, is listed in CoinCheckup one of the most complete quotation and information sites of the crypto universe.

You may wonder: why is it important to be listed on sites of this type, especially now that we are already present at Coinmarketcap, which is the most famous of them? The answer is simple: the greater the visibility, the greater the chance of winning new investors. As long as people invest in us, everyone wins; Lunes as a company, investors and our customers, who enjoy our services and solutions based on blockchain.

Get to know Lunes profile on CoinCheckUp and see why it is considered one of the best quotation sites.

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