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Community, we need to show our strength!

Community, it’s time to show our strength!

Economist Fabio Antonio Santiago, who has had great experiences in Bangladesh at Grammen Bank, and in São Paulo, as one of the founders of Banco do Povo Paulista, besides authoring the book “The Banks of the People”, will give a lecture at Campus Party, with theme: Cryptocurrencies and social inequality.


But in order for him to be able to minister on the subject, including talking about Lunes’s project, we need the help and voting of everyone so that his participation is approved.


To help is very easy, there are only 4 steps.

Click the link below to start:


1) After that, click on PARTICIPAR.

2) If you already have an account created, just log in and you will already go directly to the step of number 4. Otherwise, to create an account click in create an account”.

3) Fill in the requested data (user, email, password, password confirmation, city, and accept the requested terms).

4) You will be directed to the talk page. Click PARTICIPAR again and your activity will be confirmed (since you will be logged into the system).


Use the social media icons if you want to share the event! We will show our strength and spread the Lunes project to as many people as possible. And this is a great opportunity for that!


The votes are from December 10, 2018 until January 6, 2019.


According to information provided by the organizers of the event, there were 310 event submissions to Campus Party 2019 and only 120 were selected.

In order to be approved for the voting phase, it was evaluated and curated by the Campus Party Organization, which analyzed the relevance of the subject proposed in the current moment, the synergy of the activity with the themes of Campus Party and with the attending public as well as the speaker’s curriculum.

The talk will last for 45 minutes and the space, date and time will be informed by the content team after the voting is completed and the winners are announced.


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