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Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) is real and very serious. Prevent yourself!

Since December last year, when the first case of the new Coronavirus was detected, in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province in China, the number of cases has grown worldwide, exceeding 200 thousand cases in 156 countries with 8008 deaths.


Despite the low number of lethalities compared to confirmed cases, the new virus spreads very quickly and only with the simple contact of infected people. Therefore, the World Health Organization and experts have recommended that people leave home only if it is strictly necessary, especially the elderly and those who have breathing problems. We have separated here essential prevention tips for you and your family, released by the Ministry of Health:


  • To prevent the virus from proliferating, the Ministry of Health recommends basic hygiene measures, such as washing your hands (fingers, nails, wrist, palm and back) thoroughly with soap and water, and preferably using paper towels to dry them. them.


  • In addition to soap, another product suitable for hand hygiene is 70% alcohol gel, which also serves to clean objects such as telephones, keyboards, chairs, door handles, etc. For household cleaning it is recommended to use the usual products, giving preference to the use of bleach (in a solution of one part bleach to 9 parts of water) to disinfect surfaces.


  • Using a disposable tissue for nasal hygiene is another important preventive measure. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you sneeze or cough and throw it in the trash. It is also necessary to avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth without the hands being clean.


  • To clean dishes and clothes, it is recommended to use detergents specific to each case. Highlighting that it is important to separate clothes and bedding from infected people so that the cleaning is done separately. If it is not possible to wash these clothes immediately, the recommendation is that they be stored in plastic garbage bags until it is possible to wash them.


  • In addition, disposable face masks should be used by health professionals, caregivers of the elderly, breastfeeding mothers and people diagnosed with the coronavirus. It is also important that people buy in advance and have medicines in their homes to reduce fever, control cough, such as syrups and lozenges, in addition to medicines for continuous use.


  • Hygiene products should also be purchased and stored as a preventive measure. In the case of children, it is recommended that parents or guardians purchase diapers and other products in greater quantities to avoid crowding in supermarkets and pharmacies.




We here at Lunes, adopted the practice of home office for all professionals, for about three weeks. A good part of our team already works under this regime, but the professionals who work at our headquarters in Alphaville are at home.


Prevent yourself! For you, for others, for all of us!


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