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Cryptoeconomy helps people in humanitarian crises

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to cryptoeconomics is the possibilities of earning with virtual currencies. Cryptocurrencies are mostly seen as an investment, but what most ignore is that they are an important mechanism for financial inclusion and a fundamental tool to help the population during wars and humanitarian crises. 

Cryptoassets were created exactly to be a solution and not an investment, as many imagine. In this way, the accessibility and freedom provided by digital currencies are the main points of inclusion for people who do not have access to the banking system.

Access to crypto assets

Therefore, with just a cell phone, anyone can access the cryptocurrency system. And so, having access to an environment that provides fast transactions from anywhere in the world safely and reliably. 

Therefore, its immunity to international sanctions, its decentralized architecture and the anonymity of transactions make cryptocurrencies an important tool during humanitarian crises.

We at Lunes work to promote this inclusion and to ensure that the cryptoeconomy strengthens its liberating vocation. 

Barriers broken by cryptocurrencies and blockchain


Cryptocurrencies are used as an alternative to carry out financial transactions, without the need for integration with global systems and the use of fiat currencies, especially in wars.

For example, the war in Ukraine has made it impossible for people to leave the country, and under financial constraints, many Ukrainians use digital currencies to keep part of their wealth safe and survive amid the chaos, buying food, medicine, among other items. 

Human rights

After the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, groups persecuted by the extremist regime, such as homosexuals and women, managed to leave the country using cryptocurrencies.

In totalitarian regimes, crypto-assets are the way out to circumvent the blocking of access to bank accounts. Therefore, this access allowed many citizens persecuted by the Taliban to be able to safely leave the country. 


Crypto assets are also able to shield people from banking crises. When we get into an economic crisis, governments use their resources to save the banks first, while the population is impoverished.

Cryptoeconomy, on the other hand, is a system that increases people’s purchasing power in the medium and long term, reducing this impoverishment and removing dependence on banks.

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