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On May 22, 2021 will complete 11 years of the first commercial transaction with Bitcoin. That day, Lazslo Hanyecz paid 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas at Papa John’s pizzeria.

Known in the crypto community as Pizza Day, the purchase of these pizzas undoubtedly signaled a milestone for the world of cryptocurrencies.

But did you know that Lunes also has its historical milestone in the commercial transaction?

Well, on June 26, 2019, one of the members of our community bought a duck, paying in Lunes, from a bird breeder in Togo, an African country.

We affectionately call this special day Duck Day, which for us at Lunes has great symbolic value.

Currency Lunes

Lunes currency provides transactions instantly and at very low rates. So, after that historic day and, after the initial objections were broken, other negotiations with different products took place in the cities of the country.

Lunes emerged with the purpose of facilitating microtransactions between people, promoting the construction of a free, decentralized and cooperative digital ecosystem.

A tool that rescues the original principle of currency, long lost with fiat currencies. So, with that goal in mind, it is always very gratifying to witness the growing adoption of Lunes.

Payment was made in Lunes currency instantly and at low rates. Then, after that, other negotiations with different products took place in the cities of the country.

Therefore, for the Lunes community this day is a milestone in our purpose, to be the digital currency for making microtransactions, with fair rates and that ordinary people from a family producer to a large commerce can use the asset to make equivalent exchanges.

Find out how Lunes is expanding in Africa

Duck Day and the cryptocurrency market

The cryptocurrency market is on the rise, with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies reaching a peak. In addition, the adoption of blockchain technology grows more and more in the corporate environment, as well as retail initiatives are beginning to gain momentum.

Therefore, one of the frontiers to be reached – the mass adoption of crypto assets – is getting closer and closer. However, the challenges are immense, but the trend is towards consolidating this environment.

What is bitcoin?

Financial education

For this to happen it is necessary to educate and make people aware of the benefits and risks of the cryptocurrency market and how to buy, sell and use the coins correctly.

And this is one of the jobs that Lunes has been doing for some years in Africa, which is to build an educated and well-educated community in the French-speaking region.

Thus, they will be able to trade their cryptocurrencies consciously with exchanges, applications and P2P without having financial losses.

Duck Day is our day, it is the day of the Lunes community! June 26, 2019.

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