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Everything you need to know about Bitcoin

In recent months, it has become quite common to hear news about Bitcoin on the internet, news magazines and magazines in general. However, the subject can bring a lot of confusion to the general public.

If you got here, you certainly have some doubts about what Bitcoin is. Therefore, we have selected some important points to clarify everything you need to know about it.

At the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what Bitcoin is, what it’s for, and more details on how to get it and use it profitably. Check out:


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is nothing more than a digital coin. One curiosity about this type of currency is that, unlike the traditional ones, it does not have any form of physical representation of the money, like the notes of Real or Dollar, for example.

However, the difference is that Bitcoin is crafted with computer codes specially designed to allow the safe use of currency in the digital environment.

These codes are called cryptography, which is why calling Bitcoin (and other digital coins) from cryptocurrencies or encrypted coins is a fairly common practice.

Another detail is the Bitcoin is not run by the Central Bank as the traditional currencies, and so is known as a decentralized currency.

This means that to validate transactions, the data is sent to a virtual network of codes, which are constantly monitored and updated by volunteer programmers.


What is Bitcoin for?

Bitcoin was created to make business transactions more practical, faster and safer. In general, it is used to carry out from simple purchases to large investments in stock exchanges.
It took some years for Bitcoin to reach significant value and could be used in marketing outside the digital environment. However, the value it has today exceeds all the traditional currencies already known.

Today, there are countless places that already accept Bitcoin as a payment method for products and services. In this way, we can see that Bitcoin has been increasingly inserted in daily life.

Inspired by Bitcoin, countless countries are already working on developing their own cryptocurrencies. This may be the new reality of the next few years.


How to get Bitcoin?

There are three basic ways to get Bitcoin: buying, receiving, and mining. Learn more about each:
– Buy: in Brazil and in the world, the main way to acquire Bitcoins is through purchase. The commercialization of Bitcoin is carried out mainly through the stock exchanges as well as the sal
– Receiving: Marketing a product or service and adopting Bitcoin as a form of payment is another way to get Bitcoin. It is worth remembering that the practice is already held in countless places around the world.

– Mining: The number of available Bitcoins is controlled, and mining is the only way to generate new units. It consists of associating a series of supercomputers that will run programs until finding the source code for a new Bitcoin.


How to use Bitcoin in everyday life?

You must be wondering how you can use a currency that does not have a physical version, and that’s when the digital wallets come in.
In addition to storing the digital coins, it is the online wallets that make it possible to carry out any transactions involving Bitcoins, for example.

Through wallets such as Lunes, you can pay for tickets or recharge your cell phone using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


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