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Find out how Lunes is expanding in Africa

Lunes together with Aristide and his team (Lunes Africa), have been working for about 3 years to build a strong community on the African continent.

So, is it possible to see the passion of the Lunes Africa team and community in wanting to build the largest cryptocurrency community on the African continent and who knows the world? It is not?

Therefore, we believe that everything is possible, just have the will, and the French-speaking community has that to spare and has shown all its strength.

Lunes operation in Africa

To make applications available to the African community, a physical and legal installation was necessary for this to happen.

So, since September last year together with Aristide and Yapo, we have focused on meeting this challenge (You have no idea how hard this will happen)!

As such, we were able to receive the government license in Côte d’Ivoire to begin legal operations in the country.

So, we are working hard to launch the Beta LunesPay application because our expansion plan remains strong.

And so we will serve more than 15 countries, and thus, create jobs and bring technological innovation to the African people.

Lunes X Other projects

Many projects speak publicly that they will do something to change the reality of the African market and thus bring financial inclusion with crypto.

And so, gaining fans and making media, but nothing changes, unlike that, Lunes does not promise but works hard to bring innovations.

However, the intention is not to come up with a cool project and massify the cryptocurrency there for pure marketing. But, we have a purpose, a dream and we believe in the potential of Lunes in Africa.

Together on this journey

We want you on this journey together with us, believing and connecting people to build something much bigger.

The Lunes team is very grateful for the dedication and support you have given to our work here in Brazil and also in Africa.

This motivates us to work more and more to realize the dream of changing lives with the crypto-economy and, in addition, to be a milestone in your life.

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