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How Lunes is changing the lives of people in Ivory Coast

Imagine a place where access to a bank account is difficult due to existing bureaucracy and the various impediments of local governments. In Africa, the lives of most people do not have a bank account because of that.

The African population has access to Mobile Money. Mobile Money allows people who do not have a bank account to save, receive or send money through their mobile phone, using SMS only, transforming the device into a kind of “electronic wallet”.

This is how many people live and do their daily shopping. The population prefers access to “money on the cell phone” rather than opening an account at a bank because the process is very bureaucratic.

Unfortunately, Africa is a continent largely forgotten by major technology projects, which always target continents and countries with more active capital, forgetting the difficulties of each country or even the humanitarian issue.

But with the arrival of Lunes in Africa things began to change. The arrival of a platform where it is possible to open an account without any kind of bureaucracy very pleased the African people, who saw on Lunes a way to turn “money from cell phone” into “real money”!

Specifically in Ivory Coast, the Lunes project is already in full swing! With the leadership of Guillaume Yapo, the group has expanded access each day, with support for doubts through WhatsApp.

In addition, those involved personally visit and deliver the Lunes Whitepaper, explaining to people the operation of the entire project. Thus, they teach and even help you create a wallet on time, if need be.


The interest of Africans on Lunes


The current customers of Lunes in the region have already expressed interest in having the possibility to buy Lunes with fiat currency and also to exchange their Lunes for money.

With confidence in Lunes’s project, the Ivorian people are already using the platform to make trade. And soon, with the arrival of new features such as ticket payments and cell phone recharging, the Ivorian people believe that this will bring a major change to the day-to-day routine of the population.

See how incredible it is to transform lives through the use of new technologies? Practicality for the day to day life of the people, through the Lunes platform, which brings the ease of an internet banking, with the freedom of digital coins and the security of the blockchain.

We just have to thank the African people and all those who are relying on the project that can transform even more the way to save, receive or send money.


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