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Invite and earn!

It’s time for you to earn Lunes indicating people to use our wallet! That’s right! Invite as many people as you want, be friends, family, co-workers and earn Lunes as a reward!


See in 4 steps how the “Invitations” function will work:


1) To invite access the wallet at and, after being logged in, click on your profile image;

2) Then click on “Invitations”;

3) When you enter the page, you will have the option to send the invitation by email or simply copy your referral link to your social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, finally where you wish;

4) The person invited by email will receive all the guidance of what to do directly in the description of the confirmation email received. Those who receive the shared link, and enter through this path, will be directed to the start screen of the wallet.


The reward for each guest who signs up is 5 Lunes!


NOTE: You will not be able to bulk email invitations, but rather, you will need to invite one at a time. In addition, to receive the reward, the guest will need to carry out some transaction in the wallet, such as: send any cryptocurrency, do a cellular recharge, pay a ticket, etc.


Invite your friends and family to join to Lunes!!



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We will be happy to help you and have you as our customer!





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