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Lunes as a safe investment

Leasing in Lunes: A Safe Investment Option!


One of the biggest differences of being part of this universe of crypto-coins is that you have the opportunity to participate in a revolution, something that comes to break paradigms in our society, especially here on Lunes Platform, where we put you in control of your money and we have as mission, to provide a financial reeducation, a new look at old concepts.


By using Lunes, you become a member of our community and can help us grow, either by pointing out suggestions or improvements or even contributing to the validation of transactions on our network, through what we call Leasing, a way investment insurance on our platform.


But what is leasing and why is it a safe investment for you?


This option is available within your Lunes Wallet and works similarly to a loan. In this mode, you allow your coins to be shared with the network, in order to contribute to the speed in the validation of the transactions. Users who check and validate these transactions are known as nodes. And when performing the validation of a transaction, a node receives a reward rate in Lunes for having participated in the process. And so are your currencies when you opt for leasing: you get a share of the value of each transaction that you helped to validate. Currently, something around 5% per year, being a practical and safe way to make your Lunes pay off. This income is higher than savings, for example.


No hassle and no need to make additional settings on your computer. With a few clicks, you can leave your Lunes on Leasing. And remember: your coins are still in your power, they do not leave your wallet! They are shared with the node user you have chosen, but remain in their possession. To make this operation you need to have the minimum of 5000 Lunes in your wallet.


Any questions or suggestions? Send an email to [email protected] that we will be happy to answer it! Get to know our services and join our social media to receive our news first hand!


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