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Lunes Exchange: development and launch

We have come, by means of this note, to inform some changes in the process of development and deliveries of the exchange. We would first read the whole note before coming to a conclusion. We have spent the last two months due to the great difficulties related to some external activities that many of you could follow during our construction of the platform.


The crypto market suffered a very abrupt drop and this has had a very large impact on niche projects, with us it was no different. We understand that the moment is not conducive to launch the exchange, considering that the amount of operations are greatly reduced across the globe. We analyzed what would be the most important points that we should focus on to increase the company’s turnover and to overcome this moment of the market. We have decided to focus on some improvement activities on our products and services that are already ready and on solutions that will scale our user base.


The launch of exchange


Therefore, we had to postpone the launch of the exchange for issues, in addition to the above, of development costs and infrastructure. We have reduced the number of developers in the exchange cost center, so the delivery will go to a later date.


The change of the CTO responsible for the project, a post today brilliantly occupied by Felipe Matheus who, after some reviews and discussions with the entire development team pointed out usability points to be improved and the challenge of transforming it into a decentralized platform and with a proposal different from the exchanges that are in the market. The developers are already working on the project to deliver an even better platform for all of you, however, all of these events led us to change the launch of the exchange to April 2019.


We apologize for the inconvenience this change may cause you, and thank you for continuing to follow our work. #goLunes




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