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Lunes: far beyond what a simple digital currency

Many people who have heard of Lunes think that it is one of several cryptocurrencies already in the digital currency market. If you think so, you’re wrong.

Lunes is the largest cryptocurrency in Latin America. It was developed using innovative solutions, in a decentralized way and with total transparency, seeking solidity, massive adhesion and fast and cheap transactions. But in addition, Lunes has a platform that combines the practicality of an Internet banking, with the freedom of digital coins added to the security of the blockchain.

For this reason, we will show you 5 reasons why you should understand that Lunes goes far beyond a digital currency. Let’s meet?

1) Control your money and your digital coins: With the Lunes wallet you can use your digital coins in the various services available on the platform, giving a real usefulness to your cryptocurrencies. Don’t waste time and create your wallet right now!

2) Store your cryptocurrencies securely: Designed to provide multiple solutions in one place, Lunes wallet accepts multiple currencies from those already consolidated in the digital currency market as new projects are on the rise. Store your Lunes, Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Thether with complete security and control.

3) Make your coins yield: Leasing is an option where you “rent your Lunes” to a computer that validates the transactions that occur throughout the Lunes network. Although they are “rented”, your coins will be in your possession, generating more coins for you.

4) Recharge your cell phone and pay your bills using digital coins: it is possible to quickly and conveniently recharge your cell phone. With this, you can recharge your cell phone using any digital currency from your Lunes wallet. In addition, you can use your digital coins to pay your water, energy and telephone bills or your internet purchases in an easy and intuitive system.

5) Send money to your wallet: with the Lunes wallet it is possible that you send your digital coins to a checking account or savings account of any bank owned or owned by another person. Thus, you turn your digital coins into traditional money. It is the speed of Electronic Transfers, which are present in traditional banks, using the digital coins of your wallet!

You see how Lunes is not just a digital currency? It offers services that no digital wallet has! So be sure to be part of the future in the present! It’s not a bank. It is not a brokerage house. It’s Lunes!

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