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Lunes implements KYC in the wallet. Understand why this is important and what the benefits are

From English Know Your Costumer, this practice, increasingly common in the active crypto universe, now comes on Lunes. At first glance, what may seem a bureaucracy of processes, is a protection mechanism that brings more credibility to our platform, prevents money laundering and brings more security to all parties involved – Lunes as a company and you, our customers who trust us.

Implementing KYC in the portfolio is important because it enables a novelty awaited by many: custody and movement in Brazilian Reais (BRL) in our wallet. That’s right, very soon you will be able to transfer real money to our wallet, transfer money, and use our services and even buy cryptocurrencies, in a practical and safe way.

The KYC process consists of sending documentation to verify the identity of the customers. It is used, for example, by many exchanges in Brazil and abroad as a method of preventing fraud and money laundering. Thinking the best for our customers, we try to make the procedure as simple as possible.

It is important to note that KYC will be mandatory only for those who wish to move/store above of R$ (BRL) 300.00 in the wallet.

Customers who only move cryptocurrencies or less than R$ (BRL) 300 do not need to perform KYC.

Check out the step-by-step how to do KYC:

– In the left menu or clicking on your avatar go to the option Settings,

– Then go to the Security option.

– On the Security menu, click KYC.

What is necessary to fill/send?

Full name
Address Data
Attach Proof of Address (last 3 months)
Attach RG, CNH or PASSPORT (front and back)
Attach photo holding the chosen document (in good quality and jpeg format)
Submit for approval
Approval Time: 72 hours

Have you any questions or encountered any difficulties in carrying out your KYC? Send us an e-mail to [email protected] or contact us in our official profiles on the networks. We are at your disposal to help you.




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