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Lunes is listed on Coin Paprika

When talking about investments in variable income assets such as cryptocurrencies, it is fundamentally important that the investor has a series of data about the asset that he intends to invest, is not he? Thinking about it, we on Lunes constantly seek to inform, whether through our blog and / or social networks everything we are doing and what next steps, such as the recently published roadmap.


And the novelty of the time is that we are listed in Coin Paprika, one of the main sites that aggregate quotations and information of the main cryptos of the market. This, for us, demonstrates the credibility that our project has been gaining over time.


We would like to highlight an important section that highlights well the vision that Coin Paprika has of the crypto universe and its respective objective:


“Noticing centralization in the world of cryptocurrencies, when it comes to market data, Paprika has created the best possible market tracking products and delivering this valuable data to all crypto-coins users for free for any purpose.”


Here, you can check the Lunes listing on the site.



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