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Lunes is listed on Coinmarketcap!

This is a novelty that we have long wanted to bring to you. And after a long wait we can say that Lunes is finally listed in this, which is the largest aggregator of quotations and official information of the crypto universe! This will undoubtedly increase the visibility of our project.

Being listed in Coinmarketcap, in parallel with the adoption of the KYC process in the wallet we have recently implemented, only reinforces the credibility our project has and has been growing over time, with the support of our customers and the community that believes in us.

This was an old desire of ours – and of many members of the community – so taking this step further leaves us very happy and with even more energy to move on and, one step at a time, to accomplish what we set out to do, always with transparency and offering our best.

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