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Lunes stablecoin (LBRL) is listed for the first time on the CATEX exchange!

And Lunes keeps growing! The novelty this time is that our stablecoin LBRL it is listed on one of the largest exchanges in the world, Catex ( ) in pairs LBRL/BTC, LBRL/ETH, LBRL/USDT, LBRL/TRX, LUNES/LBRL, CHND/LBRL and NFXC/LBRL. Already used within the Lunes ecosystem, the stablecoin LBRL can now be traded on the market with its debut on the exchange.


LBRL is Lunes’ crypto stable active, with 1: 1 parity with Real. This means that each LBRL currency token has a fixed value of R$ 1. As it is totally linked to the Brazilian Real value, the LBRL protects users against market volatility.


Security in LBRL transactions will be guaranteed by an audit that takes place in real time, which facilitates day-to-day transfers that will no longer depend on the traditional banking system.


Want to know more about this news? Check out the live that Lunes CEO Lucas Magno made talking about this new partnership with Catex: (


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