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Hounake Kodjo ZINSOU, or simply Aristide, as we call him here. You may not even know this name, but he, along with a group of people is responsible for approaching Lunes of Africa, more specifically the French-speaking community. Know a little of what we are doing there in this brief chat with him.


How did you get to know Lunes and become part of our team?

A .: I have always been an enthusiast of the cryptocurrencies even when I was still in my country. I was born in Togo and I came to Brazil for the first time in 2013 and since 2015, I am living in Guarulhos, São Paulo. I met Lunes still in the ICO phase and I became very interested in the project and soon I became part of the community. And also, to divulge to acquaintances in Africa, even on my Youtube channel. Until one day I went to an event where Lunes was present, I met Lucas (CEO of Lunes), we talked about how I was divulging and the interest of people in knowing more. From there, I received the invitation to join the project.


And how do we act so that Lunes broadens its borders and becomes even better known?

A: We set up groups of people in the countries that we want to work on, so that they publicize to Lunes and offer support to our clients, if they have doubts about how to access the wallet, for example, or want to know more about the project. I am the bridge of communication with these groups that are spread in the countries of the French-speaking community.


How do you contact customers and prospects?

A .: We provide support via WhatsApp and also go face-to-face with the client, if possible, to explain the project in detail or ask any questions. We also organize meetings with a group of people interested in getting to know the project, as well as taking the printed whitepaper.


In which countries of the French-speaking community do we already have representation?

A.: Ivory Coast, Benin, Cameroon, Burundi and Togo. But we are seeking to increase representativeness in other countries. Today, we are almost with 1,000 users of these sites in our platform and we want to increase this number


In your opinion, what can a project like Lunes bring about benefits for the day to day life of customers?

A .: In Africa, in general, people don’t use a lot of bank accounts. And in countries like Ivory Coast, for example, the cell phone is used a lot to transfer value. The pay-as-you-go and cell-phone recharging features are sure to be very useful and we are already working to implement this soon to our customers in Africa.


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