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LunesPay: Discover our affiliate program!

Have you ever imagined receiving rewards every time you bring someone to LunesPay? In our affiliate program you can do it!

In the affiliate program of LunesPay you invite friends to join the community and we reward you with points of advantages, which you can use to make physical and online purchases, exchange for services or products of the app.

The Affiliate earns points of advantages in the wallet whenever a person who invited makes the registration in the application. This first guest of yours is also rewarded with each new registration you bring.

The affiliated user receives points of advantage in the wallet for each new account registered and validated by CPF/CNPJ. You also receive when your affiliates use the services of the application, such as shopping at the store or any product or service on LunesPay.

Check out some benefits:

  • 3 advantage points for valid LunesPay registrations;
  • You receive part of the cashback for each purchase of products / services made by the affiliate;
  • You earn part of the Cashback of purchases in the affiliate trade until the 5th Generation.

There are rules that better explain how this transfer occurs, see below:

The affiliate receives recurrence (%) in Lunes of purchases from affiliates up to the 5th generation, as follows:

Purchases of products and services with Real and cryptocurrencies (Lunes and Bitcoin):

  • 1st generation – 0.03%
  • 2nd generation – 0.025%
  • 3rd generation – 0.015%
  • 4th generation – 0.010%
  • 5th generation – 0.005%

Purchases of products and services with Real and cryptocurrencies (Lunes and Bitcoin), for affiliates that are commercial or strategic partners:

  • 1st generation – 0.10%
  • 2nd generation – 0.10%
  • 3rd generation – 0.10%
  • 4th generation – 0.05%
  • 5th generation – 0.05%

The advantage points received are stored in a centralized wallet, and you can use the balance when the amount reaches R$ 30.00 in Lunes and use it for transaction fees, purchases of products and services in the app. Withdrawal will be possible when the user accumulates a total of R$ 500.00, according to the current quote in advantage points.

You can view the list of your affiliates and their generations as follows:

  • Open the LunesPay application on your phone and go to the “Settings”;
  • In the “Promotions” category, click on “My affiliates”;
  • To help you better identify your LunesPay affiliates, generations are represented by colors:
  • Purple: 1st generation
  • Green: 2nd generation
  • Blue: 3rd generation
  • Pink: 4th generation
  • Orange: 5th generation

To visualize your advantage points and their origin is very simple:

  • On the LunesPay home screen, click on “Cashback”;
  • The panel will show the points of advantages you earn from affiliates and your cashback;
  • On this screen you can also request the withdrawal of your advantage points.

In addition to the affiliate system described above, LunesPay also offers an exclusive program for users who have websites, blogs, or channels on video platforms and social networks.

In the affiliate program for digital influencers, in addition to receiving the benefits listed above from the common user, the affiliate can choose whether to receive the bonus in Real or in advantage points for each new registration they bring to the platform.

Check out the more detailed information and rules in our app.

Become an affiliate now!

To be part of the affiliate program is simple! Just register at LunesPay, go to the “Settings” of the application and under “Promotion“, click on “Refer and win!”. Now just share your affiliate link to your network of friends and earn more and more rewards!

Download LunesPay now here!

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