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Lunes’s invitation system is already in full swing

Learn how to earn and use your rewards!

One of the most recent news on Lunes Wallet is the Invitation system. With it, you can invite friends, family, or coworkers to join the Lunes Platform and win rewards! See how easy it is:


1. To invite access the wallet at and, after being logged in, click on your profile image;

2. Then click on “Invitations”;

3. When you enter the page, you will have the option to send the invitation by email or simply copy your referral link to your social networks, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram, for example ;

The person invited by email will receive all the guidance of what to do directly in the description of the confirmation email received. Those who receive the shared link, and enter through this path, will be directed to the start screen of registering on the wallet.


The prize for each guest who registers is 5 Lunes, for both the invited and the invited guests!


Important: In order for you to receive your bounty in Lunes, your guest (s) should use some wallet service, be it a cryptocurrency transaction, cell phone recharge or ticket payment.


Do you have a blog and want to promote Lunes to your followers and receive more rewards? It’s simple: just add your link to the Lunes Banner on your website / blog and post it. The more people sign up and use the wallet, the more Lunes you get! Click here to download the banners.



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