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New roadmap is already in the air! See how it was and stay on top of news

New Year’s Eve is coming and work doesn’t stop here. Today we debuted the new version of the long-awaited roadmap, aiming at greater transparency and also a clearer monitoring of the progress of activities and projects we carry out.


From now on, our roadmap will be 100% online and will be accompanied by a progress bar (in %) of the activities being developed by the team, without a fixed delivery date. With that, we make the roadmap and the community more flexible, our investors and anyone interested can get this information when they want.


Due to the fact that we are a company that is looking to grow and therefore we have a small number – but extremely competent – of professionals, we have realized over the last two years that we set dates and do not relax activities, striving strictly to follow the roadmap without Being open to the changes that our own team often imposed on us was detrimental to our team in terms of the quality of work and deliverables. Postponing the exchange and anticipating the release of Truth are clear demonstrations of how these issues have affected us and the importance of being alert and prepared to respond to what a particular situation presents.


The goal is, as already mentioned here, to increase our transparency about what we do and the progress of things. We sincerely believe that such a change will also benefit our team and bring more quality and added value to what we deliver.


Good, but enough talk, right? In the link below you can check out the new version of the roadmap. Then click and spread the news to the world!





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