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New website just came out of the oven. And brings with it great novelties

Already on the air is the new version of the Lunes  website. More information, easy to navigate – whether by desktop, smartphone or tablet – and that comes to mark this period full of news on Lunes.


By the way, speaking in novelty we have something very significant to announce: from now it is possible to deposit in Reais (BRL) in the wallet and use the value to carry out any of the available services. That’s right: whether you pay for a ticket, buy a cryptocurrency, or recharge your cell phone, you have the freedom to choose how to pay: with cryptocurrencies or with Real (BRL) deposited on the platform!


Read carefully what to do to make your deposit:

– In the top menu of your profile, access the option Deposit;
– Then select the amount you wish to transfer to your wallet (minimum R$ 100.00 and maximum R$ 15,000.00 deposit).
– Choose if you want to deposit with debit card * or bank slip.

If you choose payment slip: choose the amount you want to deposit.

– In the following screen fill in the requested data (CPF or CNPJ, name and full address).

– Confirm the completed data and click generate payment slip (gerar boleto in Portuguese).

– You have the option of copying the bar code from your payment slip.

– After generating the payment slip, wait 30 minutes to make the payment.

– The credit term of the value in the Lunes wallet  is up to 72 hours.

To deposit with debit card (Visa and Mastercard only): enter your account data – without forgetting the security code located on the back of the card – the amount to be deposited and click on deposit.

– In a few minutes the amount will already be credited to your account and will be automatically converted to LBRL (the Lunes token BRL) at parity of R$ 1.00 = 1 token BRL. That is, if you made a deposit of $ 100 in your wallet, you will have the equivalent of 100 LBRL to move on the platform.

* Deposits only in the debit function. Initially available only to customers of Bradesco and Banco do Brasil.

Some important information:


Service Fee: An additional fee of R$ 4.20 will be charged for each payment slip issued. For each payment made with debit card the rate is 2,75%. Amount charged by the operator that do the  intermediate of the transactions.

– Lunes remains a decentralized platform. You continue to have complete control over your assets, whether fiduciary (Real) or cryptocurrency.

– The LBRL token is a stablecoin, that is, it has a stable value and is not susceptible to price variations. 1 LBRL token will always be equivalent to $ 1.00.

– As we are a platform based on blockchain technology and work essentially with crypto, the LBRL token was created precisely to facilitate the movement of assets in the wallet, combining with the transparency and reliability of the blockchain records.

– LBRL tokens will only be created according to our customers need for deposits. This means that the number of tokens created will be identical to the amount in Reais (BRL) deposited on the platform.

– We will have an independent audit that will certify that the LBRL tokens are in compliance with the platform deposits. Follow our official channels to stay in the process.

– For customers wishing to deposit above R$ 300.00 in the wallet, it is mandatory to carry out the KYC process. If you have not already done so, read here how to proceed.

This is a very important step for us and puts us on another level from now on. We continue to work and we will improve this functionality throughout this year, such as increasing the number of banks and accepted flags.

If you have any questions or need any additional help, we are available in our official channels and also in the email [email protected].


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