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Official Note: Clarification on some processes

Hello, community,


As you know, we are about to launch EFT and P2P, a service that has a direct connection to banking services and other that is totally decentralized, and in order to make it available, they require some validations that may run out of our control. In this way, aiming to respect the deadlines given as much as possible, we are making some updates that the community needs to be aware of. Below we will list them:


Round of tests in P2P, where we will run a complete test of QA, UX, and UI. It will take another 2 weeks to deliver P2P so it will be available by November 4th.


Refactoring the financial processes of Wallet services. After having problems with financial institutions, because we work with cryptos, we will need to restructure the system and for that, we will need a time that we can not predict yet. The EFT, which was already in the final adjustment process, will have to be completely redone based on the institution that accepts us. The same goes for the Invoice Payment, which will be temporarily being paid manually by the team, we are working hard to return to the automated format of the services.


App for iOS is on the way. Now we only depend on Apple to accept the wallet so we can officially launch it.


Remember that if you have any questions or problems, just contact us at [email protected]