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Pay your bills with criptocurrencies!

Banking is a thing of the past!


If there is one thing that is already falling behind in these days, it is the act of going to the bank, have you noticed?


Nowadays, there are several ways to solve a number of issues without needing to go bank and even without needing the bank itself.


What doesn’t change are the bills to pay and with your Lunes Wallet. You can do this in a practical and safe way, whether it’s your computer, your smartphone browser or by your Android app.


You can still use any of the cryptocurrencies you have stored in your wallet. In addition to the convenience of the applicability of your cryptocurrencies to something in your day-to-day life, when you make a paycheck or any other service in your wallet, you receive 2% cashback if you use Lunes as your payment currency or 1% if use any other currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or any other criptocoin accepted in the wallet.


Access the Lunes Wallet by clicking here, make your registration and pay your ticket and take advantage of what the best cryptocurrencies can offer to your daily life.


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