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Roadmap Lunes – 2019

A new year has arrived and also the time to present our planning for 2019 on our roadmap.

The delivery division was made quarterly, with the largest volume of deliveries already in this first quarter.

One of the most important and expected deliveries, our exchange, remains in the second quarter, as we said in this publication.

We will start adding new coins on Lunes Wallet for storage, send and receive. Additions will occur in all quarters beginning in the first one.

The tokens that you receive from the leasings will begin to be transacted through sending and receiving.

Many new things to come in 2019. See the complete roadmap below:



1st Quarter:


iOS app

Website Updates

Payment system

  • Acceptance of BRL in the portfolio
  • Use of services via Invoice and Debit
  • Recurrence
  • Creation of the LBRL token
  • KYC

Tokens’ sending and receiving

P2P Update

Listing of new currencies

Presence at the Blockchain Go event (26/01)



2nd Quarter:


Decentralized Exchange

Creation of the LCT token

  • Presentation of the project Lunes Community Token

Invoice payment’s scheduling

Lunes’ Hackathon

Listing of new currencies



3rd Quarter:


Digital Products

Lunes Truth’s MVP

Expansion of the project to Africa

Internationalization of cellular recharge

Listing of new currencies



4th Quarter:


Prepaid Card

POS machine


Lunes Truth

Listing of new currencies




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