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Seed management in the Lunes Pay app: a new form of protection, the same security as always!

Here at LunesPay, it’s like this, you have everything in the palm of your hand: with a digital account, you store Reais, cryptocurrencies (Lunes and Bitcoin), transfer money to friends, to your bank account, pay slips… phew! How much!


Our app was built on a decentralized platform, and because of its nature, it facilitates the integration of new features. We have a cryptocurrency wallet as mentioned above and to take care of your cryptocurrency wallet you need to keep your Seed safe. 


The Seeds are those twelve words in English, which guarantees access to your balance (To better understand this concept of Seed, read this article here).


See below how to create a Seed:


  • Open LunesPay on your mobile phone and in “Settings”, go to the “Seed Management” menu;
  • Now click on “Create new Seed”;
  • Then give a name to your wallet;
  • Read Seed’s safety guidelines carefully. When you are aware, click on “I accept the terms” to proceed;
  • On the next screen click on the “Create Seed” button. The application will generate and display your Seed, made up of 12 random English words, on the screen. Click on “Confirm”;
  • If you prefer another set of words, click on “Create another Seed”;
  • Now confirm the Seed created by clicking on “I wrote down my Seed”.
  • For your safety, a confirmation message will appear that you have correctly stored your Seed. Click on “Yes”.
  • Finally, you will be able to download the encrypted backup file of your Seed and keep it in a safe place, just click on the “Download Seed Backup” button, and you’re done!


To make it easier for our users who already have a Seed, we have implemented a new way to insert them into your LunesPay account. Now, you must type each of the words of the Seed in its specific field, each one in lowercase. In this way, it facilitates their understanding and typing.


How to add your Seed:


  • Open LunesPay on your mobile phone and in “Settings”, click on “Seed Management”;
  • To insert your Seed, click on the “I already have Seed” button;
  • Then give your wallet a name;
  • Then click on “Type Seed”;
  • Now add each word of the Seed individually. Type the first word, click next to add the second, and so on;
  • When you have entered the 12 words, click on “Validate Seed” and “Save”;
  • Then you can save your Seed on your cell phone’s fingerprint. If you want, click on the “Yes” button and place your fingerprint on your device’s reader;
  • And ready! Your Seed has been successfully added.


How to add your Seed already saved in backup file:


  • With the application open and in the Seed Management menu, click on the button “I already have Seed”;
  • Name your wallet;
  • Then click on “Attach Seed backup”, then on “Select file” and find the backup file on your cell phone, send it and wait for confirmation;
  • With the Seed added, give your portfolio a name and then click on “Next”;
  • Your wallet settings will now appear for you. You can edit, delete or set it as your primary wallet.


At LunesPay you are responsible for the custody of your active cryptocurrencies, so typing correctly and keeping it safe is essential. If you are a new user, it is essential that you write down your generated Seed, do not share it with a third party and keep the twelve words, written correctly, one by one, preferably on a piece of paper (not in electronic media) and keep in a safe place.


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