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Seed words: simple words and invaluable protection for your digital assets

Think fast: what can’t miss on some digital platform that stores your financial resources? If you thought about safety and reliability, you got it right! For this reason, a good number of digital wallets offer users access to seed words, which is nothing more than the security key that guarantees that only you will have access to your resources.


Seed words are a unique set of words, easier to memorize than the confusing sequence of letters and numbers in the security key, but giving access to the same data. This template is the same one used on Lunes Wallet and follows some simple rules like: there are 12 words, all with lowercase letters and with only one space between them and that should always be imported in this way.


Keep your seed words safe


Accessing for the first time? Write down in a safe place, preferably on a physical copy, the sequence of words in exactly the same order as they appear and store it in a trusted location. Under no circumstances should you share it with anyone, for as stated earlier this sequence of words is your security key and give, or will give, access to the totality of your assets linked to it.


Want an example of the importance of taking good care of your security key?


Imagine the following situation: your cousin Miguel has a Bitcoin wallet installed on the computer. Unfortunately, his machine has a defect and he can no longer access his wallet, which had the equivalent of $ 500.00 in Bitcoins. After repairing his equipment, Miguel reinstalls his wallet and has his seed in hand, eager to restore access to his assets. However, by carelessness (either by haste or lack of attention), one of the words that make up his seed has been wrongly written down and Miguel can no longer access his wallet with his digital coins and no one can solve the problem anymore. that only Miguel has access to the seed! Regardless of the value in question, it’s a pretty boring situation, is not it? And unfortunately, it’s more common than you might think.


So take care of your seed words so you can always have access to your digital assets stored in the wallet and enjoy the services of our platform.


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