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Everyone who already uses and knows Lunes already know our leasing service, where you “lend” your Lunes to one (or more than one) of our nodes and receive a bonus for it, making them surrender, but not everyone knows exactly what a node is and how it works. That is what we are going to explain now.


A node is, by a simple comparison, a Lunes miner. Our blockchain works in a symbolically similar way, but with many Bitcoin differences. On Lunes, we use a system where it is not necessary to have a very expensive computer of last generation, to be able to mine (in our case, we call it forging), called LPOS (Leased Proof of Stake), that you can learn more about it by clicking here. Quickly, our blockchain works by “sorting” nodes to solve the complex mathematical calculations that make up blockchain encryption, instead of being in block order, as it is in Bitcoin.


Increase the chances of your node being drawn!


To be more likely to be drawn, the node needs strength within our network. This force is defined from the amount of Lunes he holds in his power. The more Lunes this node has, the more chances it will have. In our case, every Lunes was already made available in the Genesis block, so we did not create any more with each encryption break. When a node does this, it only receives a Lunes amount as compensation for that block and distributes a certain percentage to those who have chosen it to lease. This is how you understand the strength of the node. The more people doing leasing and leaving Lunes in their power, the more it grows.


Node Responsibilities


When a user wants to be a node, he needs to be responsible for this whole process, because his growth within the network depends on those who will choose him to do leasing. He has, with these people, the duty to comply with the bonus of the value received in this draw and resolution of encryption. It is good to keep in mind some business plan to be attractive and, of course, reliable enough, both to be accepted on the network as a professional node, and to be chosen from all the options. That is, it is not enough to just leave your computer working. You will also have to work! 🙂


Are you interested in this function? Do you propose to join our network as a professional node? Want more details about the process? Go to the Lunes Community site and follow all procedures by clicking here.


Want to know more and receive the news first hand? Check out our services and join our social media! If you have any questions, please contact our support, through the email: [email protected]. We will be happy to help you and have you as our customer!





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