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Update on Lunes’ blockchain – Check the news

Lunes’ blockchain was developed with the objective of having instant transactions (1092/s and 65,5k/min), 60s key block, with low fees, LPOS consensus network, open-source and collaborative.

Therefore, all these characteristics guarantee transparency, reduced transaction costs, speed of transactions, decentralization and other advantages.

So, to keep it safe and bring news it’s very important to do updates on the blockchain.

Blockchain and platform security

When will we make the update?

To update the blockchain, we first communicated all exchanges that have the Lunes coin listed and the nodes in our network. The update will start on 05/29 (Saturday) at 22:00 GMT+3 until 05/30 (Sunday) all day.

Check the updates:

1 – Some changes for the start of smart contracts, these updates are fundamental for the implementation of Lunes Smart Chain (Soon we will bring news).

2 – Improvements in the issuance of fungible and non-fungible tokens

3 – Improvements in the tokenization process

4 – Change of the network fee in the issuance of tokens

After updating to issue tokens at Lunes, it will be necessary to have 20 thousand Lunes in your wallet, in addition, the network transaction fee for the NFT service will be 0.002 Unis.

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