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Update on the processes

Hello, community!


Concerning about our transparency, we have come to update you on some processes related to P2P, Electronic Transfer and Crypto Purchase.


Starting with the purchase, we have just released USDT and BCH for purchase, as well as new packages worth 45, 100, 250, 500 and 1000.


Speaking about P2P, as we said before, we postpone delivery by targeting the QA processes of the service. As we have not met the minimum requirements for delivery, we will insure another 2 weeks to ensure the correctness of the required points and deliver with full operation for you. Therefore, it is for the 20th of November.


And on the Electronic Transfer, we have already advanced in the issues we were facing, as was mentioned in this post, and now it is waiting for the process to unfold so that we reach the final objective, which is to offer another quality service, thus promoting more use for cryptocurrencies on our platform.


Thank you for understanding.