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Virtual Currency: everything you need to know

Virtual currencies, also known as encrypted coins or cryptocurrencies, are resources that have become more and more popular in today’s economic context.

Thinking about it and for you or some friend who is now entering this universe, we made this article. Good reading!


What is a virtual currency?



A virtual currency is one that, unlike traditional ones, does not use a physical unit to confirm transactions. In turn, a programming and encryption technology is used to ensure the safety of the procedures.


Although not widely treated as official coins, they can be used to make transactions like any other. In addition, to date no case of fraud and falsification has been found on the Bitcoin network, for example.


In the most recent measures, some governments around the world are already thinking of implementing digital currencies specific to their economy, regulated through specialized legislation.


How does virtual currency work?


The virtual currency is based on a technology called Blockchain, which came together with Bitcoin. Such technology is responsible for encoding and recording all transactions that are performed.


This system has become so efficient that it has aroused the interest of large companies, expanding its horizons to countless other areas, such as the optimization of banking transactions.


One of the points that most calls attention to that invests in cryptocurrencies is the high volatility of the assets, that is, the currencies gain and lose value in the market. Therefore, it is always advisable to invest with caution and after much study.


But digital coins are not just for investment and speculation. Cryptos are making their users have greater control and autonomy over their financial lives.


It’s already possible to use digital coins for services common to our daily life, such as cell phone recharging and payment of tickets. Lunes Wallet is a platform on which you can perform these services. And many more will come. And the coolest of all: decentralized and with you in control of your Lunes.


Now that you know more about this universe, how about being part of this revolution in your financial life? On Lunes, you open your account quickly and without fees



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