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We have a new face!

We have a new face, that’s right! Want to know why we changed? Because we evolved, and we want to show that to the world. Well, in the last 4 years we have gone through several challenges and we have overcome them all.

We are certainly not the same Lunes that appeared in the past, we learned a lot and consolidated our principles and values. 

We have matured in all aspects and we want our community, customers and employees to be able to experience these changes and how strong we have become. 

When we created our brand more than 4 years ago, we did it with great affection and it was remarkable for us. After all, she attracted everyone who is in the community today.

A new brand and a new chapter

However, we came to the conclusion that we would need a rebranding to accommodate our desires for growth and position of our brand. 

The Lunes team dedicated months to making a brand that represented all the good we have and what we aim to achieve.

In addition, our Designer Alison Almeida led the research and development of the brand and came up with a proposal that was up to our challenge.

With that, our brand was more beautiful than ever, with greater empathy with users, bringing lightness, modernism and innovation with its new lines. 


The most modern Typography, created specifically for the Lunes brand, with the aim of bringing something personalized and unique, as we are. We kept the symbol of our currency and made only a few improvements. 

Color palette

We seek to bring softer and more modern color tones, to generate a better experience for users, but without losing the representation of the brand’s origins.



All aspects of the brand have been designed to make it a more user-friendly brand, to help fulfill our goal of being the bridge between the cryptocurrency market and the traditional market.

So, we built a more human brand and with it we will bring a new cycle of achievements. Come and be part of this journey, in the web3 world we are building. Access the new Lunes website here:

Team #LunesLovers 

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