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We have achieved a mark of 5000 customers!

That’s right. Just over a year after the birth of Lunes, we have reached this expressive mark. This is something that makes us proud but also makes us aware of our responsibility for the growth we are looking for, the deliveries of our roadmap and, above all, the best solutions based on blockchain technology.


We are more than 5000 Lunatics scattered around the world, in countries like Portugal, Russia, the United States, Indonesia, Ivory Coast and Togo, besides Brazil of course. Different cultures. Each people with their particularities, but all with something in common: to believe in the potential of our project.


Whether you are a holder, a short- and medium-term investor, or someone who is constantly using our services, such as cell phone recharging, bill payment, or money transfer, our partners in the francophone community often use … our feeling is of gratitude to each one. We would not have gotten this far if it had not been the involvement, criticisms, suggestions and support of each one.


We are sure there is much to come. And we have a team that works tirelessly for that. We continue with the goal of being transparent in everything we do and of being ever closer to our community.


Let’s go ahead and be sure to follow our official channels!


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