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We have just been listed in a new exchange

Lunes has just been listed in a new exchange: STEX!


But what is exchange and what does it mean?


As we have seen, exchanges are brokerage firms that market the cryptocurrencies. As is the case with the São Paulo Stock Exchange, where shares of domestic and international companies are traded, cryptocurrency brokers negotiate digital currencies. If you want to know more, read our article here.

Lunes was already listed in 3 exchanges: GetBTC, NewCash and Exrates. With this new listing in the STEX exchange, Lunes may also try to list it in CoinMarketCap, which is one of the most reliable sources for finding crypto statistical data in circulation.

To give you an idea, the CoinMarketCap page is one of the most visited by cryptocurrency investors, as well as being an excellent tool because it gathers the data reported by the world’s most important exchange platforms. All this in a simple way, so that any investor has the data and quotations of the main cryptocurrencies in the world, in which, now, Lunes is also part! It’s amazing, isn’t it?


Do you want to purchase Lunes? You have one more exchange option: STEX!


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