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What are wallets?

What are wallets in the universe of cryptocurrencies?

Something very common in this vast universe of cryptocurrencies is the recurrent use of terms in English to designate things, whether active or even functionalities of systems. But calm, over time you will get used to and will realize that most of the time there is an equivalent term in our so rich Portuguese language.

A wallet is nothing more, therefore than a digital wallet where you can store your digital coins, such as Lunes or Bitcoin, for example.


Wallets before and now


In the old days, we chose a wallet for our day to day taking into account the look and our personal taste, did not we? For now, to choose your good wallet to store your cryptocurrencies, it is no longer necessary to take into account the physical appearance of it, since it is digital. Now, weigh in the choice items such as: the security that the wallet offers, what its features, which currencies I can store and if it is easy to use, without complications.


With the Lunes platform you have much more than the option of storing your coins with our digital wallet. You can access a range of financial services that make your day-to-day payments easier, such as paying for tickets, recharging your mobile phone, and even making your Lunes yield through leasing – and with better results than savings, for example.


Be calm and follow our blog that we will explain how you can enjoy these services. Another detail is that you can store other cryptocurrencies besides Lunes itself. They are: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Tether.


One cool thing is that Lunes’s digital wallet is one of the few that supports Tether, which is a cryptocurrency that is based on the dollar’s price and is highly sought after by investors who want to protect their equity from cryptocurrency price swings .


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