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What is Lunes?

Many people do not know the difference of the company Lunes for the currency Lunes. Then check out the text below to find out what Lunes is the main approach of the company and its services.

Blockchain technology has enormous potential, which can be used to develop different products, as well as to solve problems in different areas.

That is why this market, including digital currencies, has grown surprisingly, surpassing the value of renowned companies such as Facebook and Amazon.

How Lunes came about

Lunes is a Brazilian blockchain technology company that emerged in 2016, focused on having a set of solutions using its own blockchain, with products and services for people and companies.

Therefore, Lunes’ blockchain is prepared to store and guarantee the security of any type of information.

This enables us to use our blockchain to perform various processes in a decentralized manner, as well as: authenticity records, creating tokens and executing smart contracts.

Currency Lunes

The Lunes currency was developed on the Lunes blockchain which is based on NG (Next Generation) technology, open-source and collaborative.

So, with the smallest unit named Unis, it is also considered the largest cryptocurrency in Latin America.

Therefore, it had the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) process, that is, the Initial Coin Offering, which started in late 2017 and ended in May 2018.

With 150,728,537 Lunes in circulation being traded in the 4 corners of the world, mainly in Latin America and in some African countries.

Services offered by Lunes


In the Lunes Wallet it is possible to store, send and receive the Lunes cryptocurrency. In addition, it is available via application for android, mobile and desktop.


The LunesPay app is a social payment network via QR Code with Real and cryptocurrencies. But it is available via android application.

Lunes Truth

Truth is a platform for signing contracts, registering authenticity, managing and storing documents. Then it is available for mobile and desktop.

Creating tokens

In addition, it is also possible to create tokens for people and companies using the blockchain.

Smart contract

It is also possible to provide customized smart contracts for business rules or bilateral agreements, thus using the power of Smart Contract.


As such, the company seeks to use the power of blockchain and Smart Contract to bring solutions to everyone intelligently and easily to consume. 

Therefore, we aim to promote the access of any person or company to the new technologies that cryptocurrencies have brought to the world.

Therefore, we are focused on developing a complete and sustainable set of solutions as a business using blockchain.

What is bitcoin?

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