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You’re in control of your money!

The future is now – you in control of your money!

There is no doubt that the process of implementing new technologies and adoption is getting faster nowadays. Bitcoin itself and every digital coin universe is less than 10 years old. We have more and more mobile applications that put the end user in the leading role of their actions. Even the way we ordered pizza or a taxi, changed.

At the Lunes platform, we believe that each of our customers and members of our community can participate in the entire technological revolution, being responsible for the management of their digital assets, to gradually walk a path towards financial independence.

However, this is only possible thanks to the decentralization of our platform and the security mechanisms, among them the access to Seed words, which we already discussed in the Blog.


Lunes and financial education

When you use a digital currency and a decentralized platform like Lunes, you have full control of what happens to your resources. This is because our platform does not custody of any assets. Nothing stays with us, we are only a means for you to have access to services and applications based on blockchain technology. We believe that thus, we contribute to the financial education of our clients, because now he really has the total freedom, control and responsibility for his finances.

Having access to a platform based on blockchain technology puts you ahead of the future. A new perspective, a new way of dealing with money. But it’s just the beginning. Identity and real estate registries, for example, besides being able to offer greater transparency to the electoral process, for example, are among the possibilities of applications with blockchain technology. So, are you going to stay out of this?


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